A journey to create the first Network Marketing Billionaires

. LEXAP Path to Success

1. Defining Your "Why".

Before you find answers on how to achieve success, you should ask questions. Start by asking yourself why you want to take advantage of the LEXAP opportunity and how LEXAP can benefit you, your family, and others around you.

Your "why" is also a way to define what success means to you.

  • Does success mean money for vacations?
  • Or are you looking for complete freedom from nine to five?
  • Do you want to help others?
  • Would you like your children to have choices you never had?
  • Or are you looking for luxury and excitement?
  • Any of these can be your "why." In fact, maybe you want these and more.

Here are a few tools to help you define your "why":

Write down your long-term goals.

Almost everyone who succeeds has an end goal in mind before starting out to seek their path to achieving the success they want to achieve. The process of writing down goals gets you thinking about what it is you're looking for. Plus, once you have your long-term goals down on paper, referring to them often will keep you motivated and on track.

Take an honest look at your current situation.

Look at what frustrates you now in your everyday lifestyle and define how you will address each of your frustrations. Do you feel frustrated because your bills aren't paid? Is it a lack of time with your family and friends that gives you frustration?

Whatever it is, your current frustrations can provide clues to what you hope to get out of your path to success with LEXAP.

Also think about what makes you happy now in your life.

  • Is it travel?
  • Is it shopping for nice things?
  • Is it providing educational opportunities for your children?

Once again, this can help you define your "why."

Discover what others have accomplished with LEXAP.

If you're still having a hard time defining your "why," look at how others have used our opportunity to better their lives.

  • Some collect cars—and the LEXAP opportunity allows them to fund that hobby.
  • Others become their own boss and relish controlling the hours of their day however they choose.
  • Some say that what matters most is working closely with people of their own choosing—often close family and friends.

Read through LEXAP publications for stories of other success created through LEXAP, and talk to other team members at LEXAP events. Find out what they love about LEXAP.

2. Set Wellness Goals

Being healthy and having healthy skin is a big part of being happy. If you're sick or out of shape, and you have horrible skin and wrinkles that forces you to lose your self-confidence, you can easily miss out on much of life's richness. It's even more important to be healthy when you're a LEXAP team member. You offer a wellness and healthy skincare product, so looking and feeling healthy is important. If you're not fit yet, start moving in the right direction. Use the LEXAP products and work towards your defined wellness goals. Soon you'll have a testimonial all your own to share with others about what LEXAP products have done for you.

Your wellness goals can be a target weight, a distance you walk or run every week, a more toned body, or a diet with less fast food and more fresh vegetables. Here are a few things to consider as you set these goals:

  • Just Try It. Look at yourself in the mirror after bathing and analyze your skin and body look to determine if the current products you are using works for you or not. Do the skincare products you use makes your skin healthier while making you money to improve your living conditions? Do you have wrinkles and is what you are putting on your body filled with chemicals you have no clue about? What are you doing to your own body which is the shell that houses your soul? Be real with yourself and compare what you use daily with LEXAP.
  • Be honest about where you are. Analyze your health. Are you overweight? Do you eat poorly? Is exercise a part of your life? Be honest about it. If you haven't worked out in years, then don't jump into some extreme program. Talk to ANDAMFIT about your health and fitness regiment, and get advice on the best way to improve it.
  • Find the right nutritional and fitness program for you. If you're looking to lose a few pounds, don't go on a crash diet and max out your gym membership at exorbitant costs that brings you little to no benefit at all. That's a surefire way to burn out your body and your money. Instead, find a program that fits you with the ANDAMFIT Pack. Then be sure to take your LEXAP Skincare products to feed your skin with the right nutrients so that your workout will reflect on the body.
  • Use the product. Decide for yourself which LEXAP Skincare products and ANDAMFIT Fitness and Nutrition products are right for you and the members of your family and start using them daily. The Product Section of this Roadmap can help you learn about LEXAP's remarkable Skincare products and ANDAMFIT Fitness and Nutrition products. Keep track of changes in the way you feel so you can share your progress with those around you.

3. Activate and Order Support Materials

With your dreams and goals in mind, it's time to open your LEXAP business. The first step is to activate your account. You have four options for activation as follows:

Starter Wealth Package (USD 125)


  • Hi Sexy & Hi Daddy Product Suite (8 Package Supply)
  • Aspiration Networking Platform
  • Replicated Website and Members Back Office
  • Compensation Plan for Starter Package
  • Payodd Mobile Merchant Terminal and Union Pay Card Package (Value: $50)
  • ANDAMFIT Wellness Fitness and Nutrition Package quarterly (Value: $150)
  • KDJ 3 Set Sense of Nature (Value: $200)

Executive Wealth Package (USD 250)


  • Hi Sexy & Hi Daddy Product Suite (8 Package Supply)
  • Aspiration Networking Platform
  • Replicated Website and Members Back Office
  • Compensation Plan for Executive Package
  • Payodd Mobile Merchant Terminal and Union Pay Card Package (Value: $50)
  • ANDAMFIT Wellness Fitness and Nutrition Package Monthly (Value: $350)
  • KDJ 3 Set Sense of Nature (Value: $200)
  • Video Sales Book Starter Package (Value: $200)
  • + Add WorldVuer Phone to your purchase for a discounted price of $250

Elite Wealth Package (USD 750)


  • Hi Sexy & Hi Daddy Product Suite (8 Package Supply)
  • Aspiration Networking Platform
  • Replicated Website and Members Back Office
  • Compensation Plan for Executive Package
  • Payodd Mobile Merchant Terminal and Union Pay Card Package (Value: $50)
  • ANDAMFIT Wellness & Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Package Weekly (Value: $500)
  • KDJ 5 Set Sense of Nature Package (Value: $200)
  • Video Sales Book Starter Package (Value: $200)
  • WorldVuer Global Networking Phone (Value: $400)
  • + Add WorldVuer Global Tablet to your purchase for a discounted price of $400

Pro Wealth Package (USD 1499)


  • Hi Sexy & Hi Daddy Product Suite (8 Package Supply)
  • Aspiration Networking Platform
  • Replicated Website and Members Back Office
  • Compensation Plan for Executive Package
  • Payodd Mobile Merchant Terminal and Union Pay Card Package (Value: $50)
  • ANDAMFIT Wellness & Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Daily (Value: $700)
  • KDJ Full Set Sense of Nature Package (Value: $350)
  • Video Sales Book Starter Package (Value: $200)
  • WorldVuer Global Networking Phone (Value: $400)
  • WorldVuer Global Networking Tablet (Value: $500)
  • + Add a personal session with Pro Fitness and Wellness trainer Mr. Michael Andam to your purchase for a discounted price of $500

Millionaire Package

Pro Wealth Package (USD 5000)


  • Hi Sexy & Hi Daddy Product Suite (8 Package Supply)
  • Aspiration Networking Platform
  • Replicated Website and Members Back Office
  • Compensation Plan for Executive Package
  • Payodd Mobile Merchant Terminal and Union Pay Card Package (Value: $50)
  • ANDAMFIT Wellness & Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Daily (Value: $700)
  • KDJ Full Set Sense of Nature Package (Value: $350)
  • Video Sales Book Starter Package (Value: $200)
  • WorldVuer Global Networking Phone (Value: $400)
  • WorldVuer Global Networking Tablet (Value: $500)
  • Personal session with Pro Fitness and Wellness trainer Mr. Michael Andam
  • 7,500 IBO bonus options in Lexap, Inc. to build your wealth development foundation for our corporate IBO Billionaire program.
  • We currently offer and continue to develop a wide range of other support materials, from motivational training videos to informational product brochures. Look online at our company website to see what is currently available in the library section. To calculate your order, once again refer to your goals and evaluate how much you want to accomplish.

. 4. Set Up Appropriate Automatic Monthly Shipments (Autoship)

If step three was setting up shop, step four is making sure your shop is well-stocked. With autoship, you always have the product and support materials you need to build your business over time.

Autoship product.

Having autoshipped product isn't mandatory, but it's absolutely essential to your business success. Why? First off, to have the passion required to convince others, you must have a personal connection with our revolutionary product. That requires first-hand experience on how it makes your mind and body feel and perform better. Secondly, product is by far the best sales tool you can use, since it allows your customers to know exactly how it feels to achieve better health through KDJ's revolutionary Suspension Gel Technology.

How many boxes should you autoship? Four boxes is a good place to start, depending on your business goals, your health requirements, and the size of your family. However, it's only a start. Most successful team members autoship substantially more than four boxes. So if your goals are big, be sure you have enough product available to hand out as samples to support that kind of success.

Autoship support materials.

We offer a wide range of marketing materials to support your business and sales. At the very minimum, you should autoship a 50-pack of our magazine, which will help you communicate key messages to prospective team members. If the magazine isn't available in your language yet, autoship our corporate brochure.

Activate and manage your autoship online.

KDJ is a technology-based company, so it should be no surprise that you can activate and manage your autoship quickly, easily, and conveniently on the Internet. Need to up your orders of UMI? No problem. Ready to have FIT help you lose weight? Just a swift click and you'll have a box delivered right to you.

Use your online backoffice to activate and manage your autoship account online.

5. Start Building Your Team

Now that you've set up shop, it's time to get your business going. This requires you to build a team and get the word out about all the benefits of joining KDJ. Here's how:

Build your initial list.

The first step is to make an initial list of potential team members. This list needs to be extensive in order to be effective, so you should aim to have at least a hundred people on it.

Look to those closest to you first.

When building your list, it might be tempting to "not bother" your family or friends. But, in reality, you're not bothering them, you're just introducing them to something you are excited about—the same way you tell them about the movies and books or vacations you have enjoyed. Do you have friends who'd benefit from good nutrition? How about family members who aren't happy with their work? If so, put them at the top of your list—because you care about them and want to provide them with opportunity.

Revive relationships and build new ones.

Former work colleagues, old school friends, extended family who you've lost regular contact with—these are all potential members of your team. Once again, you're not bothering them. You're reviving important but neglected relationships to share an exciting opportunity with them. At the same time, you're offering real value to people you care about.

Reach out to those who share your interests and goals.

What do you enjoy? Sports? Photography? Hiking? No matter what your favorite activities are, there's a community built around it—on the Internet or in your neighborhood. You share a common connection with these people, so they make great potential team members. Also keep your eye out for others who, like you, are eager to improve their lives and reach their goals. This type of person has the potential to be perfect for your team.

Make connections with people who can benefit from Lexap.

Have you met people who are living unhealthy lives? Have you been introduced to neighbors who are looking for extra income? Once again, these are potential members of your team. After all, they're looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Add to your list daily.

Your initial list is a starting point, not the final destination. Being successful requires continued effort. So every working day, put your mind to the task of finding more team members. If you focus on this task, you'll be surprised at the number of potential team members you'll uncover.

Don't get frustrated.

Most of the people on your list will probably not want to join your team. For whatever reason, they're not interested. That's their choice, and that shouldn't affect your relationship with them in any way. Sure, hearing "no" can get frustrating, but remember that there are plenty of opportunities to hear "yes." When someone says "no," thank them for listening and move on.

Don't give up.

When you face rejection or have a hard day, it may be tempting to throw in the towel. But reaching your goals will require perseverance. You have to bounce back from those hard days and negative responses. Find things that inspire you. Reconnect to your "why." Get a good night's sleep and start fresh in the morning.

Keep a positive attitude.

Nothing will diminish your effectiveness in team building more than a bad attitude. So even on those bad days, have a positive outlook and project the kind of success that others want. There is perhaps no more effective tool for building a team than a positive attitude.

Set a goal to personally enroll 40 people.

This goal will give you something to strive for, and it will provide a good benchmark for your success. Once again, don't get frustrated if you don't reach this goal right away. Instead, consider it something to keep you motivated.

Offer preferred customer status to those not interested in business.

Those who aren't looking for a new business opportunity might still be interested in improving their health with our innovative gels. Preferred Customer status allows these people to receive product at discounted rate and can be reliable source of income for you.

. 6. Begin your Private Business Mentorship (PBM) Program

After you've made contact with people, it's time to really talk to them. And you don't do that over the phone. A PBM in the comfort of your own home is the right tool for making meaningful connections with potential team members. It's no surprise that the PBM is where you'll have the most success turning potential team members into dedicated, enrolled members of you team.

How do you hold an effective PBM? Here are some tips:

Invite at least 10 people.

People have busy schedules. Hopefully everyone you invite will come, but to be sure you have a good group, you should invite at least 10 people to your initial PBR. They can be your closest friends and family. They don't need to be already committed to the product. If you're excited enough about the Lexap opportunity, they need to know about it. Don't be shy.

Hold your PBM somewhere comfortable.

The most successful PBMs are held in places where everyone involved feels comfortable—the invited guests, as well as the host. Most of the time, the most comfortable place available to you is your own home.

Be a gracious host.

Just like a great dinner party, a great PBM requires a gracious host. That means you should be warm, accommodating, and supportive to your guests. Invite them in with a smile, provide them comfortable seats, and provide some beverages. If you're less than gracious, you'll most likely fail at building connections.

Prepare an introductory talk and outline the agenda.

Unless you're a born speaker or have years of experience talking in front of people, presenting to even a small group can be unnerving. If you're uncomfortable talking to groups, think ahead about what you're going to say. Prepare remarks to introduce yourself and highlight what's best about Lexap. Have a written agenda so you don't get lost during the meeting.

Invite your sponsor for support.

If you feel like leading a PBM isn't a possibility for you yet, invite your sponsor to take charge of your first few PBRs. He or she will have the experience and know-how to do an effective PBM. When your own skills improve, you can take more of the spotlight. In fact, it won't be long before you'll be invited by the people you sponsor to come help them get started.

Have plenty of product available.

Remember, our gels are what we're all about, and merely talking about them isn't enough. Let your guests try a number of sample gels while they're at the PBM. Then send some home with them, so that they can get a more complete picture of their benefits. Nothing will boost your PBM more than this. This is a fact you'll want to consider when you set up your auto ship order.

Use Video presentations for support.

Even the most experienced and effective speakers use Videos to support their presentations. Video presentations are a highly effective way to make both emotional and rational connections with your audience and can make even dry subjects entertaining. They also provide a welcome break for the host. Ask your sponsor which Video presentations you should use.

Ask for a commitment at the end of the meeting.

Don't let your hard work come to nothing. The most likely time for people to commit to your team is right after you've presented so many compelling reasons why they should join. Don't be afraid to ask for a commitment. Otherwise, great opportunities might slip away. Be sure to have an internet enabled computer already pointed to your backoffice account at the company website. At the very least, have a sign-up sheet where people can put their names, phone numbers, and email addresses so you can follow-up with them individually after the meeting.

Schedule follow-up three-way calls.

Be sure to follow up every PBM with a three-way phone call with you, the potential team member, and your sponsor or mentor. This call will help ensure that the people you invite will feel invaluable. And it's also the best way to turn those who may have been interested but unwilling to sign up at the PBR into active members of your business.

Hold at least one PBM a week.

A consistent schedule of at least one PBM a week, regardless of attendance, can help ensure that you're continually building and improving your team. As your team grows, let them take the lead on weekly PBRs.

7. Plug into a Lexap Business Development (LBD) Network

The LBD is the next step up from a PBM. LBDs are usually held in a public location such as a hotel ballroom or conference hall with an experienced team leader conducting. LBDs enable Lexap team members in a community to come together, learn, and get inspired. Here are a few other reasons why you should make a habit of attending all local LBD meetings:

Make connections with other Lexap team members.

The most invaluable mentors you can have are those who have experience with LBD in your own community. They can tell you what works and what doesn't. They can provide you with hints, leads, and warnings. And the LBD is by far the easiest place to meet these potential mentors.

Make a big impression.

Do you have someone who'd be a great team member but is reluctant to enroll? An LBD can be the perfect place to share the power of the Lexap community. Feeling the momentum and support of your LBD community firsthand could help soften hearts and change minds.

Receive training.

The person conducting the ABB will have invaluable insight on possibilities in your area, important company and product information, relevant nutritional discoveries, and any other updates that are essential to your continued success.

Commit to creating an LBD if there isn't one your area.

If you're developing a team in an area without an LBD, you're in luck. This means that you can fill the LBD void and become the pioneering leader in your area. Be aware, however, that LBDs must be presented in a very particular way...

Find a location that accommodates your audience.

This isn't the kind of event to hold in an average home. It requires space for dozens, maybe even hundreds. Be sure to arrange a meeting room that will comfortably accommodate the number of attendees you expect.

Have a professional setup.

To make your LBD as professional as possible, have a good sound system and a screen for showing video and/or PowerPoint presentations.

Ask for assistance.

If in doubt, don't do an LBD by yourself. There are corporate resources available to assist you, and don't be shy about using them. Contact your sponsor or Regional Sales Manager for help.

8. Participate in Weekly Leadership Calls

There are weekly leadership calls both at the local level and for top-tier team members. As you start your business, be sure to engage with your team leadership. Then as you advance, take advantage of the insight provided by our most outstanding team members. Here are some ways to take full advantage of the weekly leadership calls:

Engage with your team leadership.

Weekly leadership calls will put you in regular contact with your team—which can be a great way to increase your knowledge and improve your own success.

Talk to your sponsor about when and where.

Not sure what calls you can participate in or when they're held? Talk to your sponsor. He or she should know these details and forward them on to you.

Discover how to duplicate successful strategies.

Your leaders have been on the path you're on now. They provide outstanding examples of how to achieve amazing things with Lexap. So it's no surprise that the more area leadership calls you participate in, the more you'll learn about how to succeed.

Find out the tactics of the top names in the industry.

As your level of performance increases, so does your access to leadership calls held by some of the absolute best names in network marketing. Although it may take some time to reach the level necessary to participate in these calls, it's something to look forward to.

9. Book Attendance at All Major Lexap Events

Attending a large Lexap event can transform your personal approach to your business and help solidify your Lexap team. In fact, it could change your life. It's your chance to meet people just like you—who just happen to be from all over the world. It's also the place to hear about new products, be introduced to top performers, and learn the latest techniques for creating an incredibly effective team.

Go to Lexap World.

Lexap World is the biggest event in the world of Lexap. People everywhere, from Asia to Australia and from London to Rio de Janeiro, attend this monstrous event held annually in Dubai, UAE. If you really want to stand out as a Lexap team builder, attendance at this event is an absolute must.

Attend regional events.

If attendance at Lexap World isn't possible—or if you want to make even more connections that matter—watch for large regional events to be held in your part of the world. These regional events will feature top corporate and team leaders just like Lexap World does.

Qualify for the annual leadership retreat.

The Annual Leadership Retreat is held every year at an exotic location. It takes hard work to qualify, but those who attend get to know their senior leaders and corporate management in an intimate, fun-filled setting.

Check the web for upcoming events regularly.

You should keep up on the Lexap events. New events will be added, while others will be held in different locations. The best way to stay current on events is to go to Events Calender page

10. Commit to 30 Minutes a Day of Self-Development

For long-term success, it's essential to keep sight of your goals, regularly reconnect with your vision, review progress, and plan your day in advance. So we recommend that every morning that you spend at least 30 minutes preparing yourself, meditating, and writing down thoughts on your success, your plans, and your progress towards your wellness and business goals. Here are just a few things that you can during this time:


It's proven that the more you can visualize yourself as you will be, the faster you'll get there. This isn't a one-time exercise. It's a regular part of a successful living.

Read, Watch, and Listen.

You can find an incredible amount of information relevant to your team from podcasts, videos, and printed support materials—from how to close a sale to the latest in nutritional advice. Go to the Lexap company website to find the latest tools.


If you write out who you're going to call, what you're going to do to improve your strategies, and other daily tasks, you're much more likely to achieve them.

Our Route to Success is easy to follow.

This isn't brain surgery or rocket science, and it doesn't require an MBA. Ours is a straightforward approach to creating your very own successful business. We provide groundbreaking products that contributes to better health, business acumen and leadership skills to help you expand your business, and a community that provides the support necessary to make your business a success.

But you must provide the desire and hard work. That's because we're the networking company everyone is looking for. Every 10 years or so, a network marketing company comes along that is destined to be an industry icon. These rarities have an innovation that isn't a copy of another company's ideas and that breaks new ground. They also have an incredible management team that knows how to handle growth, a Comp Plan that the field can count on being profitable, and financial stability and successful field leadership from day one. You do your part and we'll do ours.