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  • We develop independent business leaders (IBL’s)
  • Our leadership events build successful IBL’s within Lexap
  • We help you Live a healthy lifestyle and build your wealth


  • We work with you to help you Gain limitless integrity
  • We promote Sharing, Earning, and Living daily by helping others
  • We teach our teams to become a change agent worldwide


  • Foresight and vision that build gratitude
  • Get started and achieve your dreams
  • Exercise your right to rise and get results


  • Our products empower you to achieve your wellness goals
  • We deliver innovations that simplifies your lifestyle needs
  • Looking radiant is what we work to achieve with our IBL’s

“Living healthy is a choice that can only be realized when anyone commits to enjoy a lifestyle that is filled with success and free of chaos”

Founder of Lexap .


Our vision at LEXAP GIVES is to introduce a new and different future for people with dementia and those who support them. We are determined to contribute to the global awareness of dementia and help society's attitude to dementia to become transformed so that people with dementia are valued for their contributions within their communities. This act of giving from our distributors and team members at LEXAP will help their spirit to become ignited and their zest for life returned.

Our goal is to provide the funds that will enable people, regardless of their financial situation, to have access to education and good healthcare for their loved ones who have dementia. The Akonobea Foundation is our preferred charity to donate to for its focus on promoting awareness of dementia, training and supporting families/caretakers, and provide centers for those with dementia in Ghana with a hope and desire to roll out to other parts of Africa.

Company and Founder

The Marian Taylor Story:

Kaela De Jean ‘Sense of nature’ provide quality skin care and well-being products.

When I think about Kaela de Jean (K de J/KDJ) today. I’d like to think its origins take are deeply rooted in me. It takes me way back to when I was as a child. I would pick out flowers and plants in the garden, drop the petals in water or oils and pretend I was making a perfume, soap and body cream.

I loved shea butter because of its highly moisturizing nature and the fact that I have known of it being used in various ways however, I disliked the smell and therefore I would try to mix it with my "hibiscous flower" in water, my “derived perfume” to neutralise the smell.

Off course, this didn’t work, but little did I know that a seed had been sown and planted deep in my subconscious a love for making cosmetics. Fast forward a few years life had taken over, the need for survival great. The necessities of life took over and I carved a career in Human Resources Management (I also now have a background in holistic and Beauty therapy) and had two adorable children.

The children developed a skin condition. With nothing really working, in desperation I started to source out the best products to treat the excessive dry skin suffered by my children. I turned my focus unto various fruits and plants and their contributing properties to stimulate or make a healthy skin.

Coming from an African origin, I decided to go back to my roots also and try pure shea butter on my kids which showed positive improvement but obviously the non refined hard and undeodorised nature put my children off using it continuously. It was just one day that my childhood memories resurrected after so many years. It immediately became my inspiration to pursue and use the idea to formulate a product from ingredients which have existed over years and been used in ancient times, passed on from generation to generation from different parts of the world (with shea butter originating from Ghana and Bamboo from Asia) with the belief of their healthy attributes to the human body.

My research and exploration also led me to ‘fruit and plant stem-cell based therapies’ – nothing offered anything close to the benefits of these formulae. 

A solution had been born and so had an idea. An idea to share my knowledge and my findings by creating a cosmetic product range which offered, both young and old, a nutritional fruit and plant stem-cell-based therapies in an accessible range of products.

Kaela De Jean now works with a biotechnical lab who have dedicated time to research and help develop processes and technologies to help produce uniquely formulated specific regimes which will help address important 21st century skin care concerns of all skin types and age group from babies to the elderly

Kaela de Jean was derived from the shortening of my children’s names as my inspiration was drawn from them.

Marian Taylor
Kaela de Jean.


Kaela de Jean, 'sense of nature' has sourced its ingredients topped with working with a biotechnical lab and brought you these flawless product range which will do nothing but add goodness to your skin, resulting in that well desired skin you are looking for.

The active ingredients include Fruit & plant stem cells, Activated Bamboo charcoal and Shea butter.

What are plant & fruit stem cells?

Stem cells are primary cells from which life is born. Stem cells are undifferentiated and have the capacity of self-renewal, producing identical cells.

Thanks to this capability to constantly renew itself, stem cells have the capacity to periodically repair tissue when dead cells stop working, and to regenerate tissue when it is damaged.


Shea butter is an off-white fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) also known as the karite tree. It is super food for the skin and one of nature’s wonders which has been in existence and been used over centuries particularly in Africa


The benefits of shea butter to the human skin are unbelievable. Shea butter contains foleic acid which is attuned with the sebum that is naturally produced by our skin. It contains vitamin A, E, D and stimulates the production of collagen all which adds up to helping maintain youthfulness of the skin.

It is one of the best moisturising, anti- aging, regenerating and protecting natural produce you can find and it's believed to have healing properties and can give some UV and harsh climate protection.


Plant and fruit stem cells constitute an excellent and innovative material for skin care. Extracts from these cells show very innovative properties.

The unique make up of self-renewal properties stimulates dormant cells to act like younger cells, promoting permanence characteristics which contribute cell duration and delays aging.


Activated Bamboo charcoal has been in existence for thousands of years. It is derived from pieces of bamboo plant which has been burned in oven at a certain temperature. It can be tracked down to being used in many Asian countries for centuries. It’s referred to as the “black diamond” of healers. 


Activated Bamboo Charcoal is believed to absorb minerals, toxins, impurities and other harmful substances from the skin, leaving you with a stronger and healthier skin.