Michael Tan Kuan Yew


Mr. Michael Tan Kuan Yew, currently hold the position as Managing Partner of SEV GLOBAL Pte Ltd and is a key member of their Investment Committee. The combined portfolios under Michael management has asset well more than 45 Billion USD. Michael's management expertise covers a wide spectrum of Industries from Technology, Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Retail, Manufacturing to Medical and Healthcare. Michael also serves as a director of OS Petro, a US based corporation, and works as the companies Managing Director of its African operations.

Michael also sit on the board of Beverly Air Ltd, a major real estate company with development projects in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and the United States of America. He is also a Board member at Kenny Andam Company Ltd, an industrial park development company that is building manufacturing factories in Ghana and across West Africa. Michael has extensive investment experiences in Asia especially in South East Asia and China. In recent time, he has been a strong advocate on advising funds to direct their capital to develop markets on the African Continent to enjoy the emerging market boom that the continent is experiencing. Michael recognizes the capital and expertise divide between the World and Africa, and has focused his strengths on bridging the gap for the betterment of the Africa Continent. Born in Singapore but a descendant of Chinese and Mauritius origin, Michael is passionate in developing the African market and strongly believe in the growth of Africa’s market in the coming century.

Michael was also the Founding Partner of Virtue Partners Capital Pte. Ltd and invested in Telecom, Internet and Mobile application companies where he was responsible of investment portfolio exceeding 300 million USD. Prior to starting Virtue Partners, Mr. Tan worked with Wireless Broadband alliance closely and focused on developing strategic alliance with Chinese operators. He also spent two years in the food and beverage sector to revitalize and unlock value in a traditional pastry company, and was instrumental in helping to position the company for future growth through technology and process automation, franchising, joint venture executions, and acquisitions.

Mr. Tan spent nine years at Iverson where he grew the company from a little known company to a major competitor in the Information Technology arena with coverage in five countries with a compounded annual growth rate of more than 100% year on year. Michael holds an Honor Degree in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore and is the winner of the Li Jie Industrial Development Medal from the same University with his pioneering research work in Neural Network (Adaptive Resonance Theory) where he developed a Mathematical and computational model for implementation in Super Computing.

Jane Reindorf-Attoh, SPHR


Jane Reindorf-Attoh, SPHR is the CEO and co-Founder of IPA Holdings, the leading business advisory, trade facilitation and project development firm in West Africa. With Offices in Washington, DC and Accra, Ghana our services include:

  • Country & Industry Reports
  • Customized Market Research
  • Business Matchmaking
  • Investment Facilitation/Closing Deals
  • Government Affairs
  • Assistance with Navigating the Regulatory Environment
  • Trade Shows and Trade Missions
  • Youth and Women Empowerment

Brandon Day

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Brandon Day brings 17 years of International network marketing experience to Lexap. He has worked in significant roles in customer service, global expansion, business development, sales and nearly every facet of distributor-facing roles. He has also achieved high levels positions as a distributor for multiple companies. This prospective has given him a field first approach to business. Having experience in North America and multiple markets in Asia will be a tremendous asset to all strategic sales initiatives for Lexap. Brandon has trained hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in various training initiatives. He loves the great outdoors, sports and adventure. His family is his “Why” and his anchor.

Marcie Wellman


Marcie Wellman is President of Lexap Inc., with responsibility for corporate leadership, marketing programs, brand management, and strategic direction. Prior to joining Lexap, she garnered nearly 20 years of notable success and accolades as a sales & marketing leader in the pharmaceutical industry, capital equipment arena and complex hospital environment. Marcie also has global marketing experience as a commodities broker, moving product from the Middle East into the United Sates and throughout Bermuda.

Her greatest strengths are her vision, creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, especially those that expand the company’s reach. She is very enthusiastic about Kaela de Jean Inc., due to the solid research behind its innovative products, product effectiveness and the company’s unique ability to position itself as a “game changer” in the very competitive global health & beauty industry.

Most importantly, Marcie believes that ALL women, regardless of their age, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, deserve access to high quality, cutting edge products that enhance their confidence and unique beauty. She is confident that the Kaela de Jean Inc. product portfolio meets those expectations.

In her free time, Marcie loves spending as much time as possible with her 6yr old son. She enjoys learning and traveling. She studied abroad at the University of Novosibirsk, Siberia. She also lived and worked in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for 1½ years, teaching English. One of her favorite hobbies is working with professional athletes and professional sports teams from around the world. She is a nationally licensed and recognized sports massage therapist (NLMT).

Marcie holds a master’s degree in business management (MBA) with an emphasis in global business. She is currently a PhD candidate completing her doctorate degree in health administration & public policy.

Marian Taylor

Executive Vice President

The company’s Skincare and Healthy Body division was founded in 2012 by Marian Taylor, a Ghanaian national who moved to the United Kingdom when she was a young adult under the company brand Kaela De Jean.

As a child growing up in Ghana, Marian would spend hours lost in the countryside obsessively searching out rare and beautiful flowers and plants, which she would blend together with natural spring water and pure Ghanaian oils to form perfume, soaps and body creams for her family.

Thirty years later and 3000 miles away in London, now a director of medical practice at a private health care company, Marian is a busy working mother who craves the natural beauty of these products for her young family.

As her children grow in their less natural environment, their needs have evolved and now a specific need to treat dry skin and other conditions has emerged. Out of desperation to source similar products to those she had made herself as a child but without access to the nature that surrounded her then, she returned to her roots and went back into the countryside to find the flowers, plants and spring water she had used to create as a child.

Years later and a range of new, natural fruit and plant stem-cell based therapies have entered the market, produced by a new cosmetics firm called Kaela de Jean, founded by Marian Taylor.

Years later and a range of new, natural fruit and plant stem-cell based therapies have entered the market, produced by a new cosmetics firm called Kaela de Jean, founded by Marian Taylor.

As our founder and innovator of the Kaela de Jean brand of products, Marian has now taken her childhood creations from the countryside in Ghana out into the world, producing a full range of nutritional fruit and plant stem-cell-based therapies in an accessible range of products, available anywhere in the world under Lexap.